Myofascial Release, also called MFR, is a gentle, yet very deep reaching and effective form of bodywork that blends manual techniques and energy work. Through a series of sessions, it helps people resolve conditions of chronic pain and imbalance in their bodies.

To understand how MFR works, it helps to have a basic understanding of the fascial system and its role in the human body. Also called connective tissue, the fascia exists as a three-dimensional web. At its most intricate level of organization, it connects every single cell in the body. The fascia tubules are hollow and form a highly sophisticated quantum communication network for the cells. No other body tissue can make such claims. On a macroscopic level, the fascia surrounds, supports, protects and separates every single organ, muscle, bone, nerve and blood vessel in the body.

When a person incurs a trauma, for example an acute injury, a repetitive strain injury or even an extreme emotional upset, the fascia in the affected area of the body contracts protectively. In many cases it doesn't relax off afterwards. Now remember, as explained above, the fascia is infused into every single cell, tissue and body system. This sustained contraction of the fascia results in abnormal tensions on literally everything in that general area of the body. Fascia has incredible tensile strength, which serves to protect us. However, in traumatized shortened tissue, this strength acts against us. This unrelenting tension over time causes so much havoc in our systems. Postural misalignment of our skeletal system, fatigue, tension and chronic pain in the affected muscles, nerve entrapment, occluded blood vessels and even compromised cellular health.

You may wondering why our bodies have this system that stays in lock down mode, sometimes for years on end, causing us imbalance and pain. The reason the restrictions remain in our bodies is because our consciousness can't fully process the fear and/or pain incurred at the time of the trauma. A memory of that moment in time becomes stored in the fascial communication network, and there it waits. The body's intelligence knows its better for us if the trauma is fully processed at a later date in a safer environment.

Understanding the fascial system, and what goes on in it as a result of trauma, gives us a framework to understand why we have chronic aches and pain. If you identify with the symptoms mentioned above, MFR might be something for you to seek out and try. It is a drug-free way to achieve physical release and lasting pain relief. It treats the whole person, not just one body system. Each session is highly individualized, addressing the holding patterns unique to each client.

MFR is a non-invasive series of techniques that apply gentle sustained pressure and movement to the connective tissue system for the purpose of eliminating physical restrictions and the outmoded emotional patterns and belief systems connected to them. MRF is so relaxing to receive that many people fall asleep while receiving it. A practitioner of MFR feels at very subtle levels, operates with calm and focus, acts intuitively and with manual precision - re-opening flows of energy in people by creating subtle physical shifts in the connective tissue that allow healing to take place.

Releases can be felt by the patient as a softening, melting feeling, or as a rubber-like stretching sensation. And some people feel very little physical sensation at all. Some individuals will experience emotions or a memory of the trapped event during a release, and others will not. Sometimes after a release, people feel heat, tingling or circulation rushing back into the area. Another fascinating thing about MFR is that it can continue to work after the appointment is over. This phenomenon can be likened a thread that has started to unravel. It is not uncommon to experience a spontaneous release in the days after a session.

A brief scientific explanation of the myofascial release is that it is a piezoelectric phenomenon. The connective tissue web is crystalline in structure. The correct sustained manual pressure applied in MFR generates an electric potential between the two points of contact, which after a few minutes generates a vibratory frequency in the connective tissue. The vibration elicits the desired response - the release. MFR bridges cutting edge science, manual bodywork and energy work into one comprehensive process that can help everybody.