Why I Practice Myofascial Release

I started massage therapy college in 1998. The year previous to that I was in a car accident, a high speed, head-on collision. I walked away from the accident intact. I never suspected that accident would come back to haunt me with a vengeance, but it did. Around the time I started school, I had developed constant neck and shoulder pain, and chronic headaches, which would escalate in the subsequent years. I became a less productive person almost overnight. Physically, I was still able to do everything; so fortunate, considering what the consequences of such an accident could have been. Nonetheless, my life was changed and resolving the aches, pains and deep fatigue from my whiplash became an enduring quest. The irony of the situation was that as I worked helping others, I felt I needed therapy more than a lot of my customers did.

After a number of years of practice, I chose to give up working as a therapist. I had lots of happy clients, yet I couldn’t help but notice they never really got better. All my best efforts amounted to providing maintenance to others, and it felt like it was all at too high a cost to my own physical balance.

Through the next few years, I carried on seeking out better answers, reading extensively, taking health related courses and personally trying all kinds of treatments, mainstream and alternative.
Then one day in 2010, I tried a treatment called Myofascial Release. It actually worked! Compelled by positive results, it wasn’t long before I took the MRF course and later that year, opened my own MFR practice.

My desire to help others drew me to a healing path, but it was my own experience of chronic pain that took me so much deeper into an understanding of what people really need. Witnessing and experiencing the profound and lasting results available through MFR, I found the answer I was looking for. I have stopped searching, which feels great, and my own symptoms from the car accident are 90% improved, which feels even better.

Rebecca Donald practices MFR locally, at MFR Clinic in Clarksburg, ON.
Rebecca is trained in the John F Barnes Myofascial Release approach.